Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wabi sabi.........a term I heard with ethusiams from my good friend S. And then mentioned again today as a life saving article for my friend L.

Wabi sabi...embracing imperfections. Big Sigh. Yes! A word, a philosophy, yes, a philosophy, a train of thought, a shared idea embracing imperfection.....embracing...No...Celebrating the cracks in life.

Who couldn't, who can't , who wouldn't want to embrace, hug, squeeze the livin daylights out of a philosophy that rewards, celebrates, appreciates our faults.

Balance...alot of the conmmunication I am receiving from the Source latley has been encompassed in a mesage stressing balance....balance and duality.....appreciating both the light and the dark. For is the dark not necessary to see the light?

Moment by moment, i am reassured that i am closer if not bang on the path that is calling to me.

In yoga this is darhma, what one is meant to do. Life's purpose.

Constant moments of reassurance lately that i am where i am meant to be... but how could I or you be anywhere else?

We are all exactly where we are meant to be along the path at each moment.

I thought going to see Po'Girl live at a small private venue would be enough creative juice to get back to writing but no, it was showing up at a yoga workshop that i knew I wanted to be at even though I had no real idea what it was was showing up for that that reinforced my place among the stars.

Thank-you to those of you who walk this earth and reside within their own centres....for you i am grateful...for you I look to mimic in hopes of walking this earth from my own centre....

Thank you for wabi sabi...thank you for the gift of seeing perfection in imperfection...for relishing the flaws and knowing that they are so so necessary for growth....for loving the stretching even though there may be growing pains...thank-you.

Wabi-sabi........yes. Thank-you.

In gratitude, Tricia

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  1. Love that.
    Love it completely.
    The Yin and the Yang. And if you look at this symbol you see that in the yang there is a tiny dot of yin, and in the yin there is a tiny dot of yang. They do not exist without each other.
    Ahhhh growing pains. Thank GOD for friends( angels) Thank God for them.
    I love you****