Monday, October 4, 2010


Well....Here I am again.
Did you miss me?
Did you notice this empty space?

Do you want a recap or should we just move forward? From right here, the right now, this most recent moment in time/space?

I think I will share with you some of the journeys that took place but not today...we'll save that for another post (or two) altogether.

My most recent adventures include a weekend that just wrapped up of intiation into the world of shamanism.

Does that word immediately conjure images in your mind ? Do you hear that word and feel yourself tense up anywhere or do you feel your eyebrows raising?

I think the word holds alot of energy and attached meanings to different people depending on your upbringing and experiences in the world thus far.

I have to admit, I was skeptical of those who called themself "Shaman". Kinda like how anyone can ordain themselves online and suddenly be a Minister of any church they invented. I thought "Where's the authenticity?" You can't just choose to be a have to have been chosen or born into the position.

But what if we change the word "shaman" and call it practicing the "Art of Shamism" we are getting closer I think.

I have always craved a "teacher". A "guru". A "guide".

There are things I know about myself and so much more that I don't know BUT my desire to work one on one with a spiritual companion has been strong since childhood.

Raised in the Catholic tradition I sought comfort and companionship in my statue of the virgin Mary. She was protector at night and she was who I prayed to when I prayed.

I was critical of my Catholic upbring early on...I hated the hypocrisy, judged the faith for building grand churches and not giving enough to the poor. The pomp and circumstance disgusted me rather than strengthen my faith. I was young mind you and interpreting this through a child's eye but I couldn't relate to what was going on and my journey to find something that resonated began.

Now, don't misinterpret my misgivings about the church....I have reconciled my differences and find peace in many of the traditions and pagan origins of the catholic faith.

So now, I think I may explore my celtic heritage. It is a rich culture steeped in myth and magic and lore and has called to me for some time but I am yet to claim it.

The term for my new adventure will be "domestic shamanism". Yes, balancing family life with spiritual pursuits....

Journeying with ancestors amongst or between the dirty dishes and piles of laundry.

In peace, Tricia

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