Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh man, I lost my groove. I'll find it again, I always do. But, here's the groove is that i do loose my groove.

Definition of groove : (noun)1. a long narrow tunnel

2. any channel or rut cut or worn in a surface

3. a habitual way of doing something; settled routine

( verb )1. to take great pleasure or satisfaction

to enjoy oneself

to be affected with pleasurable excitement

2. to react or interact harmoniously

Since I totally suck when it comes to routine, I think I prefer to view the word "groove" as a verb. I definitely lost my "groove" the past few weeks. The end of the school year ... which didn't end soon enough. And the end of our so-called 'routine"...a quick trip to Vancouver thrown in there...a few illnesses throughout the family...the onset of summer, only drippy and soggy and cloudy and the beginning of a full time wear me out, break me down job at the liquor store.

Yes, my groove will be temporarily interrupted as the new summer groove falls into place. Most people look forward to the easy, breezy, relaxed, sun, sand and salads of summer but for me it is a stressful dance to balance childcare, a full time job, friends and family....

So, my new groove will allow waaay less time here. Boo.

Always reminding myself to be gentle...this too shall pass. Embrace the now.

Peace out, Tricia