Thursday, December 9, 2010


Procrastination. noun

Procrastinate : verb: to put off intentionally and habitually

Ouch...intentionally and habitually....and it's an action word...not a person, place or action...

I joke a fair bit about procrastination paying off. For example, since I didn't deliver more than two Christmas presents last year, when a friends birthday rolled around in the spring and I was caught unaware I just took the gift out of the christmas bag and gave her her christmas gift for her birthday. I actually felt surprisingly prepared.

This year as Christmas approaches I still have some gifts wrapped from last year and a few cards filled out too. We'll see if they get delivered this year or if they remain in the bag for one more year.

Sometimes if you procrastinate long enough, someone else will do "it" for you. I am starting to wonder if that is always a good thing? It could also mean that someone else will do "it" before you. And that is when I find myself kicking myself.

Procrastination seems to be a theme for me. A pattern. A motto. A trademark. A story I keep telling myself.

I am definitely not an over-achiever. A go-getter. A shark.

I pull my weight though. I'm not a total slacker.

I guess I can see how the movers and the shakers get shit done and how getting things done ( and done well) is a good thing. And I have a few things that I need to get done.

This doesn't mean you'll be getting that christmas present I have wrapped for you in my closet this year. But next out!

love Tricia

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