Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This picture was drawn by Lola.

I think she had ireland on the brain when she drew it.

I have been thinking more and more about walking the ancient hills of my ancestors.

I am slowly starting to inquire about my bloodline there.

I am also very excited about inviting archangel Michael to join me in this journey.

The month of October was one of intense illness here at our home.

Lola contracted a wicked ass kicking case of whooping cough.

The poor thing coughed until her eyes bled and they were black and blue from the strain.

The cough was a horrible, possessive, turn you inside out, gut wretching, vomit inducing mega hard hitter, take your breath away invasion.

She suffered immensly. It was horrible to witness. We slept in a make-shift triage room in the bathroom for over two weeks. At first every hour she was awakened by a coughing attack. then eventually it was every two hours then three times or so a night. We were recently able to move back into a bed but still wake a couple of times each night to cough up phlem. Well, Lola coughs, I support her. It is such a scary cough.

And so, with the month of october coming to an end so does our month of quarantine. We are fit for public outings again. Just in time for...Hallowe'en. great.

Unfortunately this year I will be at school Hallowe'en night. I missed last week with Chloe in hospital and Lola still sick. It is hard to get caught up when each class is three hours.

Plus I am learning that my imagination isn't what I thought it was. Writing a story based on a prompt or idea that doesn't resinate with me is crazy hard....can't really get the creative juices flowing. I think I've lost some of the art of bullshitting. bummer.

Anyhow...since I am having trouble with my writing asignment I thought I'd pop on here...this neglected space...and just write.

and a little women, Tricia

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